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Svetlana Chmakova,
unless otherwise stated.

The coloring of the
images are all thanks to
Jay, because
they're pretty. Check out
Jay's other stuff too at

Rick's Place

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I am
very happy to be
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artwork this awesome on
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@ 7:16PM
August 22, 2007
Added 10 new fans. Make sure you stop by the links section, for those of you
who live in Jacksonville, Florida or the surrounding area. Check it out, it's a link to
JaniCon's website. Don't forget that the next and last volume comes out in
Decemeber! Updates might take a LOT longer than usual because I'm getting
married December 1st, so I'm pretty busy with that. ^-^; Anyway, stay safe and
have fun all you kids going back to school soon. ^_~
@ 5:21AM
June 28, 2007
Added 5 new fans. All from the USA. lol There's been little to no activity on the
Dramacon fansites and communities lately. o_o Kinda worries me. I guess it's only
natural with the down time. I'm sure they'll all be overflowing with traffic when the
third volume comes out in
December. :O We'll see.  Things have been busy here
in Jacksonville, so updates have been dropped to once a month. Have you
noticed? XD I try to
update more often, but seldom find the opportunity to do so.
:/ Added a
new link to the links section, for those of you who live in Jacksonville,
Florida or the surrounding area. Check it out, it's a link to
JaniCon's website. ^_^
Stay safe!!
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Welcome to Dayolodge!
@ 1:48AM
November 11, 2007
Added 9 new fans, and ONE new country! A fan from France finally joined the
listing. Yaye! And also one new
fanart!! ^_^ JaniCon last weekend was pretty fun.
I was busy with coordinating the Costume, Cosplay, and Talent Show contests,
but I still managed some time to hang out with
Svet. :D! I'll have a picture up as
soon as she sends it to me. XD Of all things I forget, it's my camera. For those of
you who went to
JaniCon, thank you! You made it happen. Are you guys
@ 9:48AM
February 26, 2008
Added 19 new fans! Let's see, a LOT has happened since the last update and I
apologize greatly that it has taken this long for me to do so. The fanlisting has been
removed from TFL, so I am currently waiting for a response to have it listed once
more. I'll keep everyone updated with how that turns out. I got married on
December 1st, so I had a lot of preparing to do beforehand and then we went on
our honeymoon and spent absolutely waaay too much money. So when we got
back home after three weeks of just laying around a hotel in Japantown,
California, straight to work we went and that is where I have been. But the update
has arrived and there are plenty more to follow since I am still getting applications
every day. Oh, how'd everyone like Vol. 3? :D
@ 11:23AM
April 2, 2008
Added 4 new fans! First things first though, the fanlisting was re-approved by and now no one has to worry about having to go and apply to be listed
at some other fanlisting that we all know wouldn't be as great as this one. xD! I've
noticed there have been a few applications from
Hungary recently. It makes me
wonder if
Dramacon is just now being released in Hungary or not. :o At least, it
might be just now being printed in Hungarian. I've also added
THREE new fanart
pieces! You can find them on the
Fandom page, under images, or just click where
I just wrote Fandom, for a direct link. ^_^ Two from Krissey and one from
Moniee! So check them out. I'm going to be revamping the site a little bit
throughout the week, so if you find broken links, I apologize in advance. Take
care everyone! Send me your Volume 3
PoPs!!! xD