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Welcome to DAYLODGE; The approved fanlisting for
Svetlana Chmakova's
Dramacon at  
All images of the
characters were drawn
by and came from the
creative mind of
Svetlana Chmakova,
unless otherwise stated.

The coloring of the
images are all thanks to
Jay, because
they're pretty. Check out
Jay's other stuff too at

Rick's Place

LJ icons are linked
directly to their creators.
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you'll open up their user
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I am
very happy to be
able to say that I have
artwork this awesome on
the fanlisting.
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Site Updates:

Just to let all of you know, I'm a night person. I'll be online all hours of the night at
times, so feel free to send me an IM. I'll be adding new members and other random
updates to DAYLODGE every two weeks, if not sooner. My time is USA/Eastern
stuff, so that should help you know when I'll be online if you're in a different time
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All you have to do is go to the Update page and fill out all the information
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Thanks to my father, as long as I update his web page, I can have my own
section. :D! So if you want to see embarrassing pictures of me from when I was
little and what my father is all about, check out the index page to
DixieLand. Some of the stuff is actually okay, I think. xD The 'sitely' part used to
be the place where I would have to put the dreaded Google ad, but my father is
now through that phase. xD!! Btw, he asked me to put a banner up on his index
page. :D!


Hmm, now that's a tough one. >D Nah, it isn't. Everything Dramacon related,
whether it's some kinda made icon or avatar, it belongs to Svetlana Chmakova,
because it came from her brain, not yours. Anything made by a person will have
credit where credit is do. Otherwise, the characters and whatnot STILL belongs to
Ms. Chmakova, got it? Did I leave out anything? Oh! If you put an image up on a
web page somewhere, let me know if you do, cause I just wanna see what you're
using it for. Cause I'm nosy. XD

All of YOU:

Yep, you know who you are! I just wanted to take some time to thank you all for
joining if you joined, or even just checking out the fanlisting itself. Dramacon is an
awesome manga and anyone who enjoys manga itself should take the time to read
at least the first volume, if nothing else.
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