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Welcome to DAYLODGE; The approved fanlisting for
Svetlana Chmakova's
Dramacon at  
All images of the
characters were drawn
by and came from the
creative mind of
Svetlana Chmakova,
unless otherwise stated.

The coloring of the
images are all thanks to
Jay, because
they're pretty. Check out
Jay's other stuff too at

Rick's Place

LJ icons are linked
directly to their creators.
:O So just click them and
you'll open up their user
profile. :D Nice, huh?

I am
very happy to be
able to say that I have
artwork this awesome on
the fanlisting.
~      Rules      ~
1. You must be a fan of Dramacon! Why else would you join?

2. If you have a website, grab a code from the codes page and upload it to your
own server. No bandwidth stealing, please! ;-; I'll be by to see where the code is,
too, so make sure you give me the exact URL it will be on. If you have a LJ, go
ahead and add a button or link through your userinfo. You can put it in your Bio.
:D If not, that's fine. I just want to see the button in more than four places.

3. Use your real name or a nickname that IS a real name of some sort. I will no
longer accept screen names for your names, people. Just a name or a nickname
that at least LOOKS like a real name. I
will adjust where I see fit.

4. When you type in your country, please don't abbreviate it. That way I know
where it is you are from.

5. When you submit your form, please, PLEASE, only submit it once. You get my
hopes up if I have to delete several emails of the same persons information. ;-;
Cause I go through manually and add you all to the site. Thanks.

6. I didn't think I would have to put this up... But people, if your site contains
porn, or hentai, any kind of ADULT theme, or may be offensive in nature, I
cannot link to it and do not wish to do so. e_e Keep that shiz to yourself, please.

7. And just for kicks, if you read this, type "Svet roxx0rs your mom's
Shtetl, you're a genius. xD) in the comments box when you join.
I wanna know how many people actually read through the rules. xD Oh, and as a
side note... Please don't worry about resubmitting a form if your didn't put this in
it. It's just for kicks. Cause I'm horrible like that. ^-^;; And DON'T say "Yeah, I
read the rules. har har" because I will delete that. o_o And I hate having to delete
stuff. lol
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