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October 21, 2005
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Added 2 new fans! And I'm sorry for letting a WHOLE day go
by! ;-; I swear, I'm getting this internet thing fixed. >_<! I
have a new item to add to the randomly page, but I have to
wait until I get a reply from the email before I can put it up. :D
October 19, 2005
@ 5:52 PM
Added 2 new fans and 6 donated buttons to the codes page!!
:D!!! Yaye!! Donations make me sooooo happy! xD And I
switched some stuff up a bit. :o Cause I'm horrible like that.
xD But people say it's fun, so that's awesome! That's a good
sign, ne? I think I might add a section for reviews. Hmm..
@ 10:48 AM
Added button links to the links page. I want buttons for all of
the links, but that won't happen. u_u Oh well.
@ 10:06 AM
Added 4 new fans. Things seem to be slowing down a bit. I
TFL will hurry and approve Daylodge, since TAFL
won't -and can't- approve it. :/ Stupid retarded crap. e_e
October 17, 2005
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October 16, 2005
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October 15, 2005
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October 14, 2005
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October 13, 2005
@ 4:50 AM
Added 3 new members and 2 new links to the links page.
Check it out if you have a LiveJournal or a MySpace. =D
October 12, 2005
@ 11:26 PM
Added a new link to the links page. Check it out. It's
@ 9:13 PM
Added 5 more fans. We have a new country people! xD And,
I think, we might have another cool link up soon, for all you
MySpace pansies. Yes, don't take it to heart, I'm a MySpace
pansy to. :P
@ 5:07 PM
Added 9 more fans. This is so awesome! ^___^ Tell ALL your
friends, people! I think I'm going to make a set update time
and post it for you guys, that way you'll know why you
haven't been added as soon as you've joined. xD
@  9:22 AM
Added 2 more fans. I'm going to bed now, I swear. xD
@  6:58 AM
@  4:41 AM
Added 2 new members. w00t!
@  2:41 AM
Added 3 more members! Hah! And I divided them up by their
Countries. Don't I kick arse? >D
@  1:35 AM
Oh my gawd! XD I just checked the mail to see if there were
any new people joining, and when I first looked at it, I only
had eight e-mails, but then it turned into, like, twenty!
Although a lot of them were from people resubmitting their
forms because they wanted to fix what they
didn't write, I'm
still glad to say that I just added
11 more members! YAYE!!
Now that means that I can separate them by country. :D!!
October 11, 2005
@ 2:38 PM
This rawks! One more fan added. Go look!
@  4:40 AM
Alright, so here we go. I'm all finished and now I'm going to
start 'advertising' the fanlisting. >_>; This is where it gets
really fun. xD
@ 10:18 PM
This is going to be pretty fun, I think. It'll be my first fan
listing. ^-^ Hopefully, I won't screw it up or anything, huh?

The layout will most likely just be temporary, but we'll find
that out later. ^0^
Finally got up and made a page for images, links, and site
stuff. :/ Now I must go make an update form for all the
people who need to change their info. :D
Added 3 new members and a few new images to the images
Alright, sorry about this, but I was going through the fans
and I found a mistake on the list. I had added someone twice,
I'm sorry. ;-; If your member ID numbers were between 26
and 38, they've been changed. And as a reminder to new
comers, you only have to hit the 'Pawky' button
ONCE. If it
takes you to some strange link (I'm working on it) do NOT
worry about submitting your information more than twice.
Added 2 new members and 1 new link. :D It's a special link,
so you people should go check it out. It's the very first one
on the list now. ^^; Don't forget to tell your friends about
Put up better buttons. :D
Added 3 new fans. Come on, people! Show this place off to
your friends!
Added 5 new fans. And just to let you guys know, I've been
having problems with my internet connection ALL day and it
might take me the whole day, or maybe two, for future
updates... Sorry. :/ I can't help it at the moment.
Added 3 new fans.
Added 3 new fans. Man, I'm slacking. xD! Ah, but love to add
people when there are at least three. I don't know why. :/ I'm
still waiting back for that reply, so I can't add anything yet. I
got the go ahead to use it, but I don't know where to link
back. I want to give the guy credit, ya know?
Added 4 new fans and 1 new item to the Random page! :D
This totally rawks. xD! I'm still waiting on that reply... Maybe I
should just IM him or something? o_o; Or link back to his
email. xD! We'll see.
Added 2 new fans and 1 new item to the Random page, again.
That makes
70 fans! Gosh, this thing is growing like crazy! xD
It's exciting, huh? But if you aren't telling your friends, you
should do so right now! Go! Go! xD
Added 1 new fan.
Added 1 new button to the codes page. It's awesome! ^__^
Added 5 new fans. We have ourselves another country, too!
YAYE! Umm, so Happy Halloween. :O Gimme candies!! xDDDD
Just kidding. >_>;; If you go out tonight, be careful.
Added 5 new fans...again. Anyway, I've added a whole new
link to the fun links page. It totally rocks because it's a great
idea and I hope I get a lot of submissions to add to that page.
Not only would that be cool, but I think a LOT of people
would really like it. And I put in more rules. :/ And there is
NOTHING wrong with the form. I've tested it and retested it,
on three computers. It's fine.
Added 3 new fans. o_o You'd figure it would be more after
FIVE days of no updating, but no. >_> Anyhow! LOOK at
that gorgeous picture of to your LEFT! Yes, it's Christie. Yes,
it's from Dramacon volume one. Yes, it was colored in by Jay
Carl and done wonderfully I might add. Especially since Jay
even matched up the colors to what colors were here on the
before when it was mostly black and white. ^0^ So
everyone go check out Jay's site,
Rick's Place, and look at
all the pretty icons for AIM and LiveJournal.
Added 1 new fan. :D
Added 1 new fan. And I'm thinking about starting a
newsletter, to let fans know when I do major updates. I say
major, because they don't really need to know when one or
two fans are added. Just when I add something really cool or
make a new pretty layout and all. What do you think? If you
think it would be nice, leave me a comment on my
and I'll find your email in my archive of fans. ^-^
Added new buttons to the codes page! :D How's that? Go
check it out. It took me half an hour to get the first one done,
but after that, it was a cinch.
I made new buttons for a few links. Go check it out.
I made 4 new buttons for the codes page. Thankies for the
pretty piccie,
Jay. ^_~
Added 2 new fans. I got an email today too, from TFL.org,
but there was a problem we are trying to fix... So DAYLODGE
might be approved soon! Yaye. ^-^ It's so exciting. lol
Updates are slow... And it's not because I'm being lazy, I
swear, it's because I haven't gotten
any submission forms. :/ I
guess I need to promote it some more, huh? Get affiliates and
whatnot? There was a point to this update... OH YEAH! Guess
what? DAYLODGE is now the
APPROVED fanlisting by
TFL.org and is gonna be listed there soon. :D They already
have Dramacon listed, but no link to DAYLODGE as of yet. :/
But I have the email to prove it! Muaahahaha! It's a
grand day
in the life of Sylvia. ^_^ Later guys! Thanks for coming. :D
Added 2 new fans. Thank gawd. I was wondering where
they all ran off to. Heh... OH! And another beautiful piece of
colored artwork, I should say two, are up on the fanlisting.
Check out the
about page and the fans page. :O Look at
that gorgeousness. xD! I <3 them. And I <3 Jay for coloring
them and the others to come! :DDDDDD Hope everyone had
a safe and happy Thanksgiving with their families-- or friends
if you don't have the close families. ^-^
Added 2 new fans and my first affiliate! :D!!!!! A fanlisting for
Off*Beat! And I joined. I hope everyone who likes Off*Beat
will join it as well. And if you haven't read it, you can find the
manga player at Tokyopop! Here's the direct link to the
Off*Beat manga player, so go read it if you haven't already
and if you like it, join the fanlisting for it!
Added 4 new fans and a new link on the links page. Go
check it all out. ^_^
Fixed a couple of links and updated a couple of fan info... But
everyone should go check out the
codes page. Because there
is hotness on there. Lol Jay is so awesome to give me such
wonderful colorings to put on the layout huh? ^_~ What
would I do without 'im, huh? And OMG it's December already!
No wonder why it's so friggin cold. ;_;
Added 16 new fans. Can you believe that? Awesome isn't it? I
also added a new layout image of Lida Zeff, colored by Jay
<3, to the
join page, so check that out. It's awesome. And
the codes page has another update with
two new banners
from Lin Jenny. :D Thanks again! ^-^ And now on to all the
holiday stuff! :O!!! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and
Happy Holidays to all those other religions for which I am
unsure of how to express my joy. Lol And have a
safe and
happy new year at that. :D
Added a new link to the Fun Links page. It's pretty cool, you
should check it out and make your mark there at that page,
too. I had to take down the form. :/ It wasn't working. I hate
broken links. But can you believe... Not a single submission.
Not a one. From any new fans. Has made it's way into my
inbox since December 22nd? What is up with that? o_O
Hopefully, now that the link is up on
TFL, we'll get some more
fans. There's been a lot of new traffic, Dad says... but no new
members. Next update in a fortnight. ^_^!
So there was a confusion in the email and all the submissions
have been being sent to my father. o_o There are over
people I need to add to the list, but I didn't know until about
thirty minutes ago when my father told me, so I have to do
that next week. As for now, there are
3 new POPs. So check
them out.
Added 51 new fans, 12 of which are from 5 new countries,
and also one new
link for a fairly new fan site called, Floor
612. You should check it out. I just spent the last five hours
updating, mostly because there was so much, but also
because several people had submitted multiple forms of
information. Some of them were different, but I chose to go
with the first ones that were submitted if there were any
doubles. On top of that, I'm hoping to get a new color image
from Jay, soon. ^_^ Some more eye candy for us all to look
at, even if the character is a butt. : / He can't help it. But
check out all the comments people have left, you might find
something funny. More updates soon, I hope! Sorry for the
looonnnnnng wait. ^_^ Won't happen again. Ever.