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The Hobo Who Came To Lime
Stephen Wayne
illustrated by
Sylvia Rose
Where the children never, ever!, tell lies,
And cotton-candy grows on the beach...
Once upon a different time a certain hobo came to lime.
Now Lime's a town that's up-side-down,
In the Land of So-Sublime;
Where the trees grow down from the skies,
So the fruit's not hard to reach...
Where Mothers never scold and Fathers never spank,
Where almond ice-cream's more precious than gold,
And a first-grader runs the bank...
Now the hobo got around by walking upon his hands;
It was the only way to tour the place,
And he loved their marching bands;
Was a glorious feat how they kept the beat,
Slip-slapping upon their palms,
Their toes in the breeze by the bend of their knees,
Playing the March of Alms...
A good paper the hobo soon read, while resting upon his head;
And the best of the news was of sky-walking shoes,
And methods of sleep-hanging...  from a bed...
And wherever in Lime he went, without so much as one red cent,
The hobo was loved...  and praised...  and fed;
And he thought it so cool that the children taught school...
And by law no hurting tear is ever shed...
But a hobo is a kind with wonderings in the mind;
Though they so hate to go, they just need to know,
If the rest of the world is so kind...
So the hobo soon left Lime in the Land of So-Sublime;
He hopped a train in the lemonade rain,
Because he didn't have a dime...
All the citizens waved good-by,
And the Mayor gave him sky-walking shoes;
Now when he gets down, he just walks up,
And he seldom ever gets the blues...
As he rode away on that auspicious day,
He shouted, "Unto Lime I shall return!"
But when you leave Lime there's a changing in time,
And all of the bridges soon burn...
It was up in Mackinaw where his Maw and Pa,
Raised him and a pup named Rhodes;
And he ended up there in their Vanity Fair,
With the clowns, the minstrels, and the toads...
All the grown-ups who came never realized his fame,
And they thought, "He would be better in jail";
But the children would listen and their eyes would so glisten,
When he'd tell them his traveler's tale...
Some thought him quite daffy because he'd get happy,
And cry one big happy tear;
Some thought him real funny using ice-cream for money,
Till he died how he cried, "Listen hear!
On the Earth great and green, 'neath the skies big and blue,
There is only one place", that old hobo would sing,
"It's the best that I've found everything's up-side-down,
Where a hobo can live like a King".
The End
Copyright SunShine DixieLand
SunShine DixieLand Company
P.S:) There is no real moral to this whimsical, nonsensical tale. However, In this
post-modern age that we live in, many children not only run certain institutions like
schools and banks, they also run the social insane asylum of materialism, where many
parents are incarcerated (by their own choices, we think). But still, all things
considered, it is a great world, and age, to live in.  Where even an old out of work bum,
such as I... can, and does, live like a king. Just hope they don't put me back into the
asylum... Any time soon... I LOVE YOUS GUYS!