Proof of Purchase - This is a collection of pictures.
Pictures of fans with their own copies Dramacon.

Randomly... - Here's something I put in just for kicks.
o_o; If you want to add something random, just
email it
to me. xD
Tokyopop - This is where you can find a manga player of
Dramacon, which is pretty cool. It'll also keep you
updated on the street dates of the next volumes, if I
cannot. ^-^

Artist Alley - If you have a LiveJournal, you should
definitely join this community; it's all about Dramacon. ;D

D'elusion - If you have a MySpace, you should definitely
join this group, 'cause it's also all about Dramacon. ^^;

Wikipedia - This is actually an article that I was asked to
write. It is directly linked to it, where you can go and
make a comment about Dramacon, or rather, the article.

Random Cosplay - This doesn't really have anything to
do with Dramacon, but I figured that since they're
cosplaying, something you do at Cons, and since it's
HILARIOUS, it would make a good link for a little while,
until the server freaks out by all the views. XD

[I've tried to find some really cool links... I hope you like
them. xD]